45. Four Parks, One Day

Monday 23rd September – An exhausting day

For our last day off as Cast Members, Chloe and I did the Four Parks, One Day Challenge. You guessed it, we did all four parks in one day. It’s been on my bucket list all year!

There are lots of different versions of this challenge but we went with the standard icon photo, character, snack and attraction in each park. We didn’t include shows as attractions for this, we just did rides. We also unofficially used each method of Disney transport when travelling between parks!

  1. Animal Kingdom

We arrived at about 10:30am and chose this as our first park as it is the furthest out. We were there for less than 2 hours… smashing this challenge so far!

Icon: Tree of Life

Character: Goofy

Snack: Lion paw cookie

Attraction: Dinosaur


2. Hollywood Studios

We got the Disney bus to our second park and, again, we were only there for a couple of hours. We met Minnie AND Mickey as they are in the same meet and greet, and we’d already met Goofy in Animal Kingdom, so we decided that we would try to meet the ‘Sensational Six’ throughout the day.

Icon: Tower of Terror (much to my disgust)

Character: Sorcerer Mickey (Minnie as a bonus)

Snack: Churro

Attraction: Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster



3. Epcot

We got the boat to Epcot and arrived at around 4pm, so we had plenty of time to finish the challenge! We were feeling so tired by this point…

Icon: Spaceship Earth

Character: Donald Duck

Snack: Herb-crusted salmon from Food & Wine

Attraction: Test Track


4. The Magic Kingdom

We got the monorail to our last park of the day. We met Pluto and Daisy Duck to complete the ‘Sensational Six’ and completed the challenge by 7:30pm! I didn’t expect to feel so exhausted but it had been a busy day. We even stayed to have dinner at Casey’s Corner and watch Happily Ever After.

Icon: Cinderella’s Castle

Character: Pluto (Daisy as a bonus)

Snack: Arundel Aqua Cone

Attraction: Winnie the Pooh



Another bucket list item… tick!

L x


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