44. Park Days

Monday 16th September – Food & Wine Festival

It was my day off so I went into Epcot for my first day of Food and Wine Festival 2019. It was also my Dad’s birthday so I waited to meet Belle and recorded a video message for him (Beauty and the Beast is his favourite Disney film).

I didn’t eat a lot in the morning because I was saving myself for the all tasty dishes I wanted to get in Epcot, but after 5 dishes and 2 drinks I was ridiculously full! They’re really small portions as well… luckily I still have a couple of weeks left to come back to do more!

Click on each image to enlarge and read the description and my rating of each dish…

Smash Mouth were also performing as part of the ‘Eat to the Beat’ concert series for the festival, so I stopped to watch them before going home. They played ‘All Star’, of course, and I really enjoyed watching them.

Tuesday 17th September – More goodbyes

Today was Ceri, Charlotte and Sally’s last day at work. It’s still strange seeing people leave and this time in two weeks it will be me!


I got cut from work early as it wasn’t very busy then I headed across the street to ride the new Skyliner. They opened it today for Epcot Cast Members to preview before it opens to the public next week. This will probably be my last time previewing something as a Cast Member! It was very cool but weird as I was just sat in a gondola on my own in my work costume and it was a bit scary when it stopped for a few minutes over the water… other than that it gives you great views of Disney World and even some backstage areas.


After I’d ridden the Skyliner, I got changed and met Elin when she finished work. We did some more Food & Wine Festival things which was lovely. The chocolate and almond baklava from Morocco was one of the tastiest things I’ve ever eaten!

Saturday 21st September – More Food & Wine

After an early start and a busy shift at work, I went back into Epcot in the afternoon for more Food & Wine with Elin. The great thing about this festival is that there are so many different things to try and you can just wander around eating and drinking as you please… dreamy.

They have an Impossible booth this year which I was so happy about. I am obsessed with Impossible and Beyond burgers (essentially, ‘meat’ from plants. Completely plant-based but they look, smell and taste like beef. So good).

Sunday 22nd September – Early start

3 weeks today I will be back in the UK!!!

Today Chloe and I got up early to get to the Magic Kingdom for park open. Every morning they do a welcome show to open the park and I haven’t seen it yet this whole year… I’m not a morning person, ok?! I’m so glad we saw it, we both got very emotional and cried, especially knowing our days left to come here are limited.


It was surprisingly quiet for a weekend, even though it was early, so we made the most of low queues and did Space Mountain and Astro Orbiter, then got a ‘Cheshire Cat Tail’ and OJ from the Cheshire Café, where they gave us both free Wonderland slushies! As we were eating, a Custodial Cast Member drew Minnie Mouse on the ground with water for us… it was a very magical morning!

We did some more rides then went back to housing, where we spent a few more hours together by the pool. I’m really going to miss being able to sit by the pool whenever I want! Chloe came round later on and we had a very exciting time booking things for our trip to New York in a couple of weeks… Broadway tickets for Wicked and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!!!

L x

4 thoughts on “44. Park Days

  1. Laura – I know that you haven’t blogged here in ages but I must ask … do some people stay cast members for longer than a year? I would love to work as a cast member at disney but I would probably want to do it for longer than a year! Were you limited because of work visas?? Hope you’ll see this and respond.


      1. Laura, Thank you again for your incredible recaps. I must ask another question … have you been back to Disney (even if to the Paris location) since your departure?


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