42. The Goodbyes Begin

Monday 26th August – Volcano Bay

Chloe, Elin, Liv and I spent our last day at Volcano Bay today. It was a beautiful day which mainly consisted of Elin and I doing countless laps of the Fearless River. Think lazy river, but the complete opposite, with rapids, huge waves and currents. It’s my favourite thing in Volcano Bay.


Liv wasn’t feeling too good and spent most of the day on her sunbed (cough hungover cough) and there was a slight incident at lunch where she threw up on her tray and into a bush. Sorry Liv, it’s too funny not to mention…

In the afternoon, a storm arrived (shock) so we packed up and headed back to City Walk where we had dinner at Bubba Gump.

Tuesday 27th August – A sad day

After working an AM shift, Chloe, Elin and I headed into Hollywood Studios for the evening. We went to ride Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster for (what we thought was) the last time then had a spoopy (yes… spoopy) dinner at Hollywood and Vine with Mickey and friends in their Hallowe’en costumes. They were ADORABLE.

After dinner, it was time for the thing I was dreading the most… watching Fantasmic! for the last time. I cried before it even started while the pre-show music was playing then proceeded to sob the whole way through. I’m going to miss it so much; I have so many memories of watching it with family and now Matt and some special friends too.


Thursday 29th August – A big day

Today marks the first day of the International Food and Wine Festival at Epcot… and we had a special visitor waiting for us as we came to work!

It also was the day that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened to the public and we were informed of Hurricane Dorian heading our way… brilliant!

Emma came round in the evening and we booked our trip to DISNEYLAND!!!

Saturday 31st August – Breakfast

I was asked to come in to work early today as the Rose & Crown has started serving traditional English breakfast on Saturday mornings (plug: go and try it!). No one really knew about it so I spent most of the morning standing outside the pub telling Guests about it and getting them to come inside… the General Manager of Food and Beverage stopped by and took my photo. It was then shown in Epcot Cast Services on the #EpCaught screen… #famous


Sunday 1st September – Last IllumiNations with friends

Today was Jason’s last day and also the last night we all worked the evening together. We went out to the back of the pub to watch IllumiNations together for the last time and I felt quite emotional!

Tuesday 3rd September – Friends’ last day

Today was Nicole, Liv and Zoe’s last day at work. We went in early to take some photos together then started work. It feels weird to think we won’t work together anymore.

It was a mad day as Hurricane Dorian was due to arrive overnight, so all the parks opened then closed early in preparation. We also had to tie all the chairs and tables together as we didn’t know how bad it was going to be…

I got home, ordered some food then shut myself in for the evening. The weather wasn’t too bad in the end; thankfully we just had some extreme wind and rain all night with a very eerie purple sky. Unfortunately, the Bahamas weren’t so lucky and it is so sad to see how badly they were affected.

Wednesday 4th September – Friend’s last Happily Ever After

I was supposed to work in the evening but I was given the day off. We had planned to go to Magic Kingdom last night for our friends’ last fireworks but Dorian had other ideas… we went tonight instead and it was a lovely but emotional evening.

Thursday 5th September – Saratoga Springs

After helping Zoe and Nicole move their many bags out of housing, we checked in to a treehouse villa at Saratoga Springs. It is beautiful there! So peaceful and green.

I went to the pool for a few hours then we had a fun evening in, drinking wine, eating food and playing games. We also each shared our favourite memories from the year together which got very emotional.

Friday 6th September – Goodbye!

I stayed by the pool for a few hours while everyone else went off to their next location. It was so strange saying ‘goodbye’ to the people I’ve spent most of the year with but I’m sure it won’t be long until we have a reunion.


L x

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