39. Birthday Week

Monday 12th August – Spa day

We went to the Grand Floridian for a spa day today. When we arrived, they actually recommended that we visit the Saratoga Springs spa instead as it is bigger and they had more availability. We had a look round the Wedding Pavilion before we left (I’ve seen it before but we were able to actually go inside this time). I would LOVE to get married here… don’t worry Mum and Dad, it’s not happening.

The spa at Saratoga Springs was gorgeous. It was strange though as the only mixed gender room they had was a relaxation lounge; the pool, sauna, etc, was all separate.

We had a couples massage which was AMAZING. Just what we needed after a busy two weeks in the parks.

Tuesday 13th August – Golf

I had work in the morning then Matt picked me up and we went back to Saratoga Springs. As a belated birthday present, I paid for him to play a proper round of golf on a Disney course.

I had a great time driving the buggy around and I really enjoyed watching Matt in his element. We had a couple of mishaps though when Matt left one of his clubs behind then we thought the battery had died on the buggy; we waited ten minutes for someone to come to our assistance to be told that we’d somehow changed the gear into neutral without realising… oops.

We went to the Turf Club at the resort for dinner. It was so good. The manager gave us free drinks because we had a bug on our window! That’s Disney service for ya.

Wednesday 14th August – Special breakfast

Matt and I went for breakfast at Trattoria Al Forno this morning, on the Boardwalk behind Epcot. I’ve wanted to eat here for ages because it’s a character breakfast with my two faves, Ariel and Rapunzel. You even get a saucepan of pastries to go with the theme. Flynn showed me Rapunzel’s tiara that he keeps in his satchel!

I had work in the afternoon so we went into Epcot and did a couple of rides. When I got to work, Matt came for some food and sat at one of my tables. It was great having him there to chat to.


Thursday 15th August – Grand Floridian

We checked into the Grand Floridian this morning; we were staying there for one night for my birthday! I have always wanted to stay here so I was very very excited. Again, our room was ready early and it was beautiful! We had such a lovely view as well (ahem… Wedding Pavilion…).

We got ready then went into Magic Kingdom for dinner at Be Our Guest. I was so lucky to find a reservation as it usually gets booked up months in advance. Dinner was amazing; I even got ‘grey stuff’ and a card from Belle and the Beast!

We got the monorail back to the Grand Flo and walked over to the Polynesian resort to watch the water pageant and the fireworks from the beach. We walked back afterwards and went to the pool for a couple of hours… I obviously had to try out the slide!

We had a busy day planned for my birthday tomorrow so I was allowed to open my cards and presents (it was after midnight so it was technically already my birthday!). We also discovered we’d been sent some engagement cards and gifts which was a lovely surprise.

L x

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