37. Engaged

Friday 2nd August – A very special day

This deserves a post of it’s own because it’s the day Matt asked me to marry him. People have been asking for details so here it is!

We had a dinner reservation at California Grill that evening, which is a very fancy restaurant at the top of the Contemporary resort, overlooking the Magic Kingdom. It’s been on my bucket list to eat there this year so I knew it would be a special evening, regardless of what I didn’t know was to come!

I worked in the morning, Matt picked me up and we went back to our hotel to get ready. Unfortunately, it was pouring with rain and we got stuck in traffic on the way to the restaurant; Matt seemed particularly upset by these things but I was still excited.

When we checked in at California Grill, we were told that the fireworks were about to start (they were on earlier tonight and we hadn’t realised), so we went to the observation deck to watch them before sitting down for dinner. It was still pouring down so we shared my umbrella as we watched Happily Ever After with an amazing view. Meanwhile, Matt seemed to be deep breathing and shaking a lot…

As the show finished, I turned around to find Matt down on one knee holding out this beautiful ring. It’s so difficult to explain how I felt in that moment, like the world had stopped. I remember him saying a little speech, but I have no idea what he actually said! I do remember trying to offer him my umbrella because he was getting so wet in the rain and he just told me to shut up and listen. Haha!

Can you spot the hidden Mickey in the second photo?

The ring fit perfectly. I didn’t want him to have to take it back to the UK with him as I still have a few weeks left in the US but thankfully he did such a good job! The people around us on the viewing platform congratulated us and took some photos for us. Once we were back inside waiting for our table, a girl found us to say she’d actually filmed some it from a distance and sent it to Matt; I’m so happy we have the moment captured.

The rest of the evening is a complete blur… Matt sneakily told the host he’d just proposed so we had Mickey confetti on the table and were given free champagne. The food was amazing but I didn’t eat a lot of it, I was too excited and couldn’t concentrate on anything! We had an amazing view of the castle from our table and people around us were congratulating us all evening. It was so special and I will remember it forever!

Once we had got back to the hotel and I’d processed it a tiny bit, we messaged close friends and family back home. It was nearly 2am by the time we went to sleep because I was still so excited and wanted to wait for people back home to wake up! Matt also gave me a second ‘stand-by’ ring that he’d bought in case the actual one didn’t fit… he even had it engraved because I wouldn’t have had the other one back for a couple of months. He is so thoughtful and I can’t believe how lucky I am.

My favourite reaction goes to Chloe; I let my close friends at the Rose & Crown know and received a video back of her absolutely sobbing as she finished work, it was so funny!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our special night! Thank you to everyone who has wished us well. We’ve also had so many beautiful cards and gifts, so thank you for those, too. We have some very generous and kind people in our lives and we are so grateful.

L x


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