35. Shopping and Staycays

Friday 19th July – Cast Appreciation Days

This weekend, there was a special event on at Disney Springs for Cast Members. If I haven’t explained before, Disney Springs used to be called Downtown Disney and has expanded into a huge place full of shops, restaurants, bars and various entertainment venues. For the Cast Appreciation Days they had loads of discounts and special offers on for Cast Members so I definitely wanted to go and check that out!

Sephora was the first place we headed to as they had 20% off everything. I’ve been avoiding this shop since I got here because I knew I would spend so much money in there and boy I wasn’t wrong… especially as they were giving out free gifts with certain purchases. What was really cool though is that they were printing off photos to put on their own brand of lipsticks; you could send them your own or they had their own examples. Of course I got one!

Once we had spent a few hours dribbling over all the makeup and beauty in Sephora we had lunch then went to Amorette’s Patisserie for the Cast Member exclusive dessert. Look how cute it is!

We then went to the Ganacherie as they had limited time s’mores. It was possibly the best thing I’ve ever eaten…


Thankfully (for my bank account) we had work in the afternoon so we left with our shiny new purchases and full of treats.

Sunday 21st July – Yacht Club

Chloe, Liv, Zoe and I had booked a stay at the Yacht Club tonight. I’d stayed at the Beach Club at Christmas with Matt so I was looking forward to going back and staying next door! I have lots of fond memories of this resort and after 6 days of work I was ready for some time off to relax!

The room was beautiful. My favourite thing? You guessed it, the curtains… you can’t go wrong with constellations of Disney characters!


There was a storm passing through as we arrived so we couldn’t sit by the pool. Chloe and I went to Beaches and Cream for lunch instead. I’d never been before and had only heard good things so I was excited. I got the grilled cheese and tomato bisque with a vanilla freakshake for dessert. It was delicious.

We got ready for the evening and had a drink in the lounge before dinner. They had the moscato that we literally drank the resort out of at Christmas (yes this really happened) so I got a bit merry on a few glasses of that! After a lovely meal we walked to the Boardwalk and had cocktails in AbracadaBar (which I STILL think is an awful name and is very difficult to say). We then went to Jellyrolls, which is next door to the resort; it’s a piano bar with free entry for Cast Members on Sundays, so why wouldn’t we make the most of being a short walk away?!

Monday 22nd July – Pool Day

We checked out of the room then Chloe and I spent the day by the pool at the resort. The last time I was here was with Matt on Christmas Day!

I had a great time, falling asleep several times on the lazy river causing Chloe to wonder where I’d gone and I missed a proposal happen a few sunbeds down! We then went back to housing (booooo) and I spent the rest of the evening booking things for when Matt is here… which is now this week!!!

L x

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