34. 4th of July Week

Monday 1st July – Magic Kingdom

It’s July, which means Matt visits next month!!!

Today we went back to the Magic Kingdom to do the rides we haven’t yet done. We also did our faves again and I finally got to try the Tangled wall éclair. It was delicious!

We left early as we were coming back tomorrow for the fireworks. Mum, Chris and I had dinner at Olive Garden then played Fantasia Gardens mini golf. I had a moment because I could see and hear the Fantasmic! fireworks through the trees!


Tuesday 2nd July – Last Day

Back to Islands of Adventure and Universal, like yesterday, to finish off the rides we haven’t done yet and to redo some favourites. Josh was super scared to do Rip Ride Rock-It but he was very brave and mum lost her Michael Kors sunglasses on The Mummy! D’oh


We then went back to Magic Kingdom for the evening to watch the fireworks, as is tradition on the last night, which was emotional. We did a couple of last rides and met Mickey and Minnie to end the trip.

It’s been so much fun but I am absolutely exhausted! The luxury of living here is that we can go to a park for a couple of hours if we want to; I’m not used to doing so many full park days!

Wednesday 3rd July – See Ya Real Soon

After one last game of Winter Summerland mini golf with everyone it was time for the family to leave for the airport. I obviously didn’t want them to go but I didn’t feel too sad as Matt arrives in 3 weeks. I’m so lucky to have so much to look forward to!

I spent the afternoon unpacking then I went to the Magic Kingdom in the evening with Chloe. They were showing the 4th of July fireworks tonight as well as tomorrow and I’d heard it wasn’t something to miss. It was so cool, the whole park had been turned into a giant party with DJs and lights, etc, and the fireworks were amazing!

Thursday 4th July – Celebrations

I was originally supposed to work this evening but I gave the shift to someone else as I had so much to do and catch up on after my family’s visit. I had a productive day then headed into Epcot in the evening to meet some friends for the firework display there. I’m so glad I got to see both park fireworks for the 4th of July!

To be honest, I think the Epcot fireworks were even better than the Magic Kingdom ones, especially the ending. I have never seen so many fireworks in the sky at once, it was INSANE! I literally stood watching with my mouth hanging open.

Saturday 6th July – Exciting Evening

Normality has now resumed so I won’t be writing about every day. However, this was a special day because, after work, Emma came round and we booked our trip to DISNEYLAND!!! I can’t believe we’re actually going, I’ve wanted to go my whole life! We’re going on the 10th September so look out for that blog post, it’s going to be a good one!

L x

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