32. Family Visit (A Big Surpise!)

Wednesday 19th June – My Family Arrive!

Today is the day my auntie, uncle and cousins arrive from Australia. I hadn’t seen them since last summer as I was in Orlando for Christmas so I couldn’t wait to spend 2 weeks with them in Disney World! Unbeknown to them though, my mum and her partner Chris were also flying in from the UK on the same day to surprise them. We’d been planning this for ages and I was excited to be in on the surprise this time!

Of course, on the evening they were all supposed to land Orlando had a tornado warning so their flights were delayed. Mum and Chris landed first so we decided to go to the hotel and postpone the surprise until tomorrow as it was late. We had good fun deciding how we were going to do it!


Thursday 20th June – SURPRISE!

Today is the day! Mum, Chris and I got there early and went on the PeopleMover while we waited for the rest of the family to arrive. We decided that I would wait outside the Magic Kingdom for them as if I hadn’t been in yet while Mum and Chris hid in the Confectionery shop on the corner of Main Street.  I would then stop by said shop and say I wanted to take a photo of them with the castle (standard procedure- they didn’t suspect a thing!). Mum and Chris would then join the ‘photo’ while I filmed the whole thing. Genius.

It worked perfectly but the video cut out and missed the split second that they realise. The reaction is brilliant though!

Once the shock had worn off, we had the best day in the Magic Kingdom. We did lots of rides, watched the parade and finished the day with Happily Ever After. I’m so happy they’re all here!


Friday 21st June – Animal Kingdom

It was such a hot day so we started off by doing the Kali River Rapids (Chris and I did it twice) and got absolutely soaked!


We did Dinosaur which is always my favourite ride photo… Josh was so scared! We did Everest twice and I managed to get Fastpasses for Avatar: Flight of Passage. Everyone loved it!


Everyone was exhausted so we left early. Mum, Chris and I headed back to our hotel, All Star Sports, and had a couple of hours by the pool. We then got ready and went to the family’s villa for a lovely dinner together.


Saturday 22nd June – Typhoon Lagoon

I was supposed to work today but I really wanted a water park day with my family… who wouldn’t?! My friendly kindly picked up my shift for me so I could spend the day at Typhoon Lagoon.

We had great fun in the wave pool and were making our way through all the different slides when Chris either dislocated or broke his toe when we flipped out of the tube after hitting the water. It looked so painful. He almost had to go to the ER but managed to sort it out himself… he was given a bandage and we carried on with our day!



We had dinner back at the hotel then Mum, Chris and I played Winter Summerland mini golf in the evening… my favourite!


Sunday 23rd June – Hollywood Studios

Another extremely hot day. We watched the Star Wars show while we waited for the others to arrive, then queued up for Slinky Dog Dash when they got here. We then did Toy Story Mania which is always a good laugh. We stopped for lunch in the ABC Commissary and I got this AMAZING Sorcerer Mickey dessert… because he is my fave.


The Frozen Singalong was hilarious as usual, though I don’t think the boys appreciated us singing at the top of our lungs!

While the others did Tower of Terror (no thanks), Robert and I queued up for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. It broke down so we had snacks and a nap on a bench instead! The others joined us, we waited for the ride to come back up then it was time for Fantasmic!



L x

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