31. Wedding

Welcome back! Apologies for the absence of posts; I’ve had lots of holiday time with people visiting and have so much to catch you up on! I’m back now so bear with me 🙂

Wednesday 12th June – Ceri’s Wedding Day

I never thought I’d be attending a wedding during my year working at Walt Disney World! However, I was honoured to be invited to Ceri’s wedding and be part of her special day (Ceri is someone I work with at the Rose & Crown for those wondering).

I was really looking forward to this; firstly, to spend time making an effort to get ready for once and, secondly, who doesn’t love a good wedding?! A few others from the Rose & Crown were also invited so once we arrived, we milled around for a bit then took our seats.

It was a beautiful ceremony in a lovely setting. The altar looked out onto a lake and we were so lucky with the weather; it didn’t storm until later after the ceremony was finished. Coolest moment goes to the groomsmen who arrived behind the altar on a speedboat! The bridesmaids were also friends from work who looked amazing and of course Ceri looked stunning! We all cried… it was such a lovely morning.

After some cake and throwing the bouquet (I didn’t catch it, damn), the bride and groom headed off and most of us headed home to get ready for work in the evening. Congratulations again Ceri and Justin!

Thursday 13 June – Harry Potter Madness

You’re going to think I’m absolutely bonkers now. Today, some friends and I got up at 5:30am and headed to Islands of Adventure (Universal) for the opening day of the new Harry Potter ride, Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure.

If you know me, you’ll know I absolutely love Harry Potter. Also, that I’m not a morning person. But for this, I didn’t care because I was so excited. We were really impressed at how well the staff handled the opening; it was very well organised and some people got there way earlier than we did! The queue started at the front of the park and as it got closer to the official park opening at 9am they would open up new sections of the queue to filter people along. We even got to see some ‘backstage’ areas as we progressed in the line and they had a DJ keeping the party going!


As the sun came up, obviously it was getting hotter and hotter which was a struggle at times. It was mostly fine though as there was a group of us keeping each other entertained. When we finally got to into Hogsmeade and the start of the actual ride line itself (around 12pm) we were very hopeful and spirits were high! However, just after we’d put our bags in lockers and were in the ride line, an announcement came on to say that the ride had been suspended due to inclement weather. Yay. We waited about half an hour for it to pass then it was back up so we started moving again. 10 minutes later, we’d stopped moving again but nothing had been announced. We didn’t move for ages. Chloe and I were worried by this point as we didn’t have long left before we had to leave for work… how rubbish would it be if we’d queued for hours to not even get on the ride?!


We decided to leave the main queue to get in the single rider line which is usually a shorter wait. We eventually got into the last room and could see people being loaded onto the ride vehicles which is very exciting after hours of waiting! Then, you guessed it, the ride broke down. This time for about an hour. If you’ve done the ride, you’ll know how loud that final room is and Chloe and I were nearly going insane! Eventually it resumed operation, everyone clapped and cheered, but Chloe and I were really doubting that we’d have time to get on the ride.

Then a miracle happened (seriously). For some reason that we still don’t know or understand, one of the team members tapped Chloe on the shoulder and put her straight on the ride. We still had about 20 people in front of us at this point. They asked if I was with her then put me on the same ride! I honestly thought a fight was going to start, the people in front of us were understandably angry and were shouting at the team members! Anyway, if that hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t have had time to do the ride so I’m extremely grateful!

The ride was incredible. So worth the 7 hours we waited but I won’t spoil it for people who haven’t done it yet. Chloe and I made it to work on time but the tiredness definitely hit us later… what a day!

L x

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