30. Celebrations & Contemporary

After getting back from the cruise, I spent the following week at work and catching up on ‘life admin’. I didn’t do much but here are some highlights of that week:

Tuesday 28th May – Commemorative photo

For the Queen’s official birthday next week, we were invited to come to work early to be in a commemorative photo as a cultural celebration in Epcot. Here it is:


Wednesday 29th May – Baby Zach

Matt went to visit Janine and Zach today and I got to chat to them before I went to work. I really appreciate the fact that they always make me feel involved even when I’m so far away and Janine regularly sends me pictures of him. He is growing so much and I can’t wait for proper cuddles when I’m home! My heart burst when I woke up to this photo…


Monday 3rd June – Jason’s birthday

Elin and I met Jason and Zoe in the Magic Kingdom and we spent a very hot and sticky afternoon sheltering from the rain and doing various rides which was good fun. Chloe met us later and we went to Skipper Canteen for lunch. It was nice but it made me feel ill so I went home early.


Tuesday 4th June – Staycay

To continue the celebrations for Jason’s birthday, we had booked a night at the Contemporary Resort. This is the hotel I’ve always remembered from when I was little as the monorail drives through it! I’ve always wanted to stay here so this was a big tick off my bucket list and I was really looking forward to it, especially as Jason had booked a room with a view of Magic Kingdom!

We were staying in Bay Lake Tower which is the Disney Vacation Club part of the Contemporary. When we arrived, I was not prepared for how nice the room was…. I say room but there was 8 of us so we had a family suite…. and we could see the castle!!! I stood for a good while at the window just looking out at our view of the Magic Kingdom. Madness!

We spent a couple of hours by the pool then went back to the room. We played some games and drank some wine then it was time for Happily Ever After, the thing I was most excited about. We found a channel on the TV that was for the fireworks so when it started we had the soundtrack playing along from our room while we watched from the balcony. I cried straight away, it was just amazing.


After the fireworks had finished, some of us went down to the Quick Service for food, then we came back and played some more games. It was such a lovely evening.

Wednesday 5th June – Matt’s birthday

Some of us were up at 6:30am the following morning as we had been chosen to do a lights-on ride of Space Mountain, organised through work. We were on the first ride of the day and it was very strange but cool riding it with the lights on, though it’s nowhere near as scary as when the lights are off because you can’t see where you’re going!


We then decided to make the most of being in the Magic Kingdom before anyone else by queuing up for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. It’s usually over an hour wait but we walked on to it as it was just opening. It was another hot, sticky day so we rode Splash Mountain then went back to the Contemporary for some breakfast.

After packing up and checking out, I sat in the lobby to speak to Matt for his birthday. He opened his cards and presents so it was almost like I was there, though I felt sad that I wasn’t and we couldn’t celebrate properly together. He comes out here next month though so we will make up for it then!


I spent some more time by the pool at the hotel then met Jason at Disney Springs to see the new Aladdin movie. I loved it and was so impressed with how they haven’t tried to copy the original animation. Will Smith as the genie was hilarious and really made the role his own.


Saturday 8th June – More birthday celebrations

We were asked to come in to work slightly earlier today so we could enjoy the celebrations for the Queen’s official birthday. As we work in the UK Pavilion and are Cultural Representatives, this was an important day that had to be celebrated! We set up the restaurant then went over the road, where it was all decorated and we were given food, dessert and a gift. What a great way to start the day!

I went back over on my break then when I came back to start work again, I was able to go home early. Result. I got in and just missed the storm (another result) and had a cosy evening in.

L x



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