27. Starlit Splash

Tuesday 30th April – Shopping & Starlit fun

With our trip to Vegas coming round quickly (next week!), Elin, Chloe and I went to the mall with Zoe to get some suitable clothing… apparently 90% of my clothes are Disney related! We had lunch at Cheesecake Factory and I had the most delicious burger and Nutella cheesecake…

I also went to Bath and Body Works for the first time… I am obsessed with this shop! Everything smells divine and I want to buy it all.


It was then time to go to Starlit Splash! It’s an annual event after-hours at Typhoon Lagoon just for Cast Members living in Disney housing. I’d been looking forward to this as soon as I’d heard about it months ago. The event was completely free; we were given t-shirts and there was food and ice cream being given out the whole night. They had a DJ booth set up on the beach, decorations and lasers projected on the back wall of the wave pool.

We did the lazy river first; it was freezing so we didn’t stay in there long! We then went to the wave pool and did a couple of the rides, where they had lights in the tunnels.

It was strange being there in the dark but we had so much fun and it was one of my favourite nights of the program so far!

Wednesday 1st May – A sad day

I was at work but on my break I spoke to my brother, who had facial reconstructive surgery today (too many nose breaks from playing rugby). I had spoken to him in the morning but he was so out of it that he didn’t remember it and had spoken a load of nonsense anyway!

He looked so bashed up and it was quite a shock. My Grandad is also in hospital at the moment after a fall so with those two things combined I felt so upset and helpless. They are both fine, thank goodness, but it made me feel even further away than I already am knowing that I can’t visit them or do anything. I spent the evening feeling really down.

I feel that it’s important to talk about sad days as well as the good days. While this year has been incredible and is mostly happy and fun, we all have days where things are really difficult and today was one of those for sure.

Sunday 5th May – Vegas planning

After work, Chloe came round so that we could plan things for Vegas! We were going on Tuesday so we were running out of time. Chloe and I booked a trip to the Grand Canyon, we all booked the zipline, Cirque du Soleil and Calvin Harris pool party tickets. We ended up crying with laughter looking up the different wedding chapels and found that you can have pretend weddings to people or objects! It’s going to be an interesting trip…

L x

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