26. Hoop Dee Doo

Tuesday 23rd April – Dinner with a difference

Tonight I had my first experience of Hoop Dee Doo: The Musical Revue! It’s a dinner show and I’d heard that it’s a must-do at Disney World but I’d also read some really bad reviews of going as a vegetarian. They offer such a good Cast Member discount though so when Elin was thinking of booking it, I wanted to give it a go. I went with Chloe, Lauren and Zoe (unfortunately Elin wasn’t well when the time came to go).

I’m so glad I went, I had such a good time! The food was amazing; we had salad and cornbread to start, I had salmon, mash, mac and cheese and veggies for my main (there were loads of options, you just have to ask for the vegetarian menu) and a strawberry shortcake for dessert. In between the courses, the show happens on stage and amongst the audience. It was a lot funnier than I expected and it was just a great time all round! Would thoroughly recommend this to anyone coming to Walt Disney World!

Sunday 28th April: Grand Floridian & Sailing

Chloe, Elin, Zoe and I went for breakfast at the Grand Floridian Café this morning. We had a look at the Easter Eggs on display and saw Princess Aurora walk past followed by lots of little girls dressed as princesses. So cute!

We tried to rent a boat from the Grand Flo to sail around the Seven Seas Lagoon but all the boats were already out. We walked over to the Polynesian instead and stopped off at the Grand Floridian Wedding Pavilion on the way. It was open as they were preparing for a wedding that day so we had a quick look around. It is stunning. I almost cried when we saw the room inside; the window behind the altar frames the castle perfectly in the distance!

Once we were at the Polynesian, we grabbed a drink while we waited for a boat to rent. Eventually one came back in and I volunteered to drive it. I was a bit nervous but once we were out in the open space it was really fun. We put on some music and sailed around the lagoon. Seeing the Magic Kingdom and resorts from the water was really cool, even though I was trying to concentrate on not getting in the way of the big boats taking guests around! I even managed to ‘park’ the boat successfully, the bit I was most worried about.

We had a little look round the Poly and I got the Te Fiti cone with lime soft serve. Perfect for a hot day!

L x

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