22. Universal & Brunch

Wednesday 27th March – Lazy day

It was such lovely weather during my days at work then there’s a storm on my first day off! Typical. I still wasn’t feeling great so I spent the day relaxing in bed and watching films with a Dominos takeout. Lazy but great!

Friday 29th March – Universal Studios

I was supposed to work today but I gave away my shift so I could go to Universal with my friends. It was such a great day! I even had a little dance with King Julien from Madagascar as we walked in. I like to move it, move it…

We queued a long time for the new Kong ride as I’d never done it before and Emma and I did the Hogwarts ride twice as the single rider queue was pretty short. We had lunch in the Three Broomsticks, got the Hogwarts Express over to Diagon Alley and did the Gringotts ride. I love the Wizarding World of Harry Potter almost, if not just as much as I love Walt Disney World. The attention to detail is insane and I love that the books and characters are brought to life so well.

After a couple more rides we stopped to look round the stalls set up for Mardi Gras and watched the parade. I thought it was a bit strange, but then once you’ve seen a Disney parade nothing ever comes close!

We ended the day with dinner at Hard Rock Café and a visit to Voodoo Doughnut.

Saturday 30th March – Brunch & Epcot

Before work, Chloe, Elin, Zoe and I went to Ale & Compass at Disney’s Yacht Club resort for brunch. I’d heard lots of good things and was seriously impressed! It’s such good value for money as you get the continental buffet included with any entrée on the menu, plus Cast Members get 40% off. I was slightly awkward and ordered avocado and scrambled egg on toast which technically isn’t on the menu, but I had craved it for so long! Disney delivered the goods though, it was amazing!

After brunch we took the short walk over to Epcot and wandered round some more. We also stopped off to meet Anna and Elsa in Norway, my first time meeting them, before going to work.

Exciting news: a week from today is when my Dad, stepmum and brother arrive in Orlando!!!

L x

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