21. Flower & Garden Festival

Monday 18th March – Exploring a new festival

Before my first shift as a server, I had a bit of time to wander round the most recent festival at Epcot, Flower and Garden. I tried the violet lemonade (so good!!!), the fried cauliflower from Morocco, a salmon dish and a violet cronut (croissant/donut) for lunch.

It was lovely just walking round looking at all the beautiful topiaries that have popped up for the festival and the different scenery. Here are some of my favourites…

It was then time to go to work. I was quite nervous for my first shift on my own but I was looking forward to it. It was good but I was in the section next to the pub so I had to talk louder than usual… combined with my sore throat from screaming on Space Mountain on Saturday I didn’t have much voice left by the end of the night!

Tuesday 19th March – Food running

Food running is tiring on a normal day, let alone when you feel rubbish! It was good to give my voice a rest but I gradually felt more and more ill as the day went on.

A few of us went to Bahama Breeze for dinner after work. I had jackfruit tacos and instead of a nice cocktail I had a hot lemon and honey as I really was feeling terrible.


Wednesday 20th – Saturday 23rd March – Sick again

I woke up feeling awful and spent my two days off in bed. I also took Friday and Saturday off as there was no way I could work with no voice and having a coughing fit every 2 minutes.

By Saturday I had a bit of energy back so I went to the shops for some groceries and treated myself to a pedicure. I was exhausted after that!

Sunday 24th March- Back to work

I was nervous about going back to work as I still didn’t feel 100%, but it was OK in the end. I had a AM shift which meant I was home at a decent time. I cheered myself up by booking the Disney hotels for when Matt comes to visit in the summer!

L x

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