19. A Exhausting Week

Tuesday 5th March – Meeting Baby Zach

I had different days off this week due to my training. Today was a very special day as I got to meet my friend’s new baby! Matt went to visit and had me on video call the whole time so it felt like I was really there, apart from that I couldn’t hold him! It was so lovely to be able to chat properly and hear all about him, plus she had put him in the Mickey Mouse outfit I sent her before he was born and he looked adorable! It made me feel so emotional but I’m so grateful to them for doing everything they can to make me feel a bit closer to home.


I then took a trip to the outlets, did some shopping in Nike and got a crepe as it was Pancake Day!


Wednesday 6th March – Going for a run

A miracle has happened. I put on my trainers and went for a run! My first time out in almost a year after my half marathon… I did better than I thought I would and I’m pretty proud of myself! I will try to go every week, plus I have signed up for a Cast Member 5km fun run around Epcot so that’s a good motivator.


I also went to Walmart and discovered that they do, in fact, sell Creme Eggs here! I bought some of course but they definitely taste different… they will do for now though until some kind family members send me some more!


Friday 8th March – Old Key West

Today was my last day of food running before I start my service training tomorrow. I don’t mind it but I’m ready to move on as it’s so tiring! Luckily I had something special to look forward to…

A couple of weeks ago, a friend that Elin and I work with won a 2 night stay at Old Key West, a deluxe resort, and she asked us to stay with her! It was so kind of her to ask and it made us feel really special. We even had to have a photo with the certificate which was shown in Epcot Cast Services!


So after I finished on Friday, I got an Uber to Old Key West, which is just over the road from Epcot and met Elin and Amy who were already there. We were staying in a Disney Vacation Club apartment which was beautiful! The rooms seemed to go on forever and just led to more rooms, including a gorgeous kitchen and a jacuzzi bath! I got a room service pizza because I hadn’t had dinner and we sat up late chatting. It was so nice to spend time with Amy as I’ve only spoken to her at work so far.


Saturday 9th March – First day of service training

I was nervous but looking forward to my first day of service training. Chloe, Laura and I were all starting together and we had a class at 9:30am before our shift. I can’t believe how quickly the day passed and I was pleased with how it went. My trainer said I did well which was nice to hear! I even had a deaf couple so I got to use a bit of sign language.

I had an early finish so I got back to Old Key West, phoned Matt to tell him about my day then had a bath in the jacuzzi while I read my book and ate leftover pizza. I haven’t felt so relaxed in a long time! I must have been in there for about 2 hours…


Sunday 10th March – Lucky’s Market

I enjoyed my second training shift and, again, it went so quickly. I had a smaller section today so I felt like I was getting the hang of things.

Chloe and I went with Ben and Harry to Lucky’s Market in the evening, which is a supermarket similar to Wholefoods that sells lots of organic and vegan produce. It was a funny ride home as Ben had hired a car (which turned out to be a pick up truck) that week and it wasn’t the usual trunk to keep your bags secure… as Chloe and Harry are demonstrating!


L x

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