18. Fireworks & Volcano Bay

Monday 25th February – Food Running

Today was my second day training as a food runner. I was even more tired than yesterday but it was another good day. I’m enjoying being in the kitchen so far!

Tuesday 26th February – Culinary Day

I woke up feeling sad as it was my dear Grandad’s heavenly birthday today. It was especially hard being so far away from my loved ones.

I had my culinary day today, where we spend time in all the different stations in the kitchen and see how the food is made and cooked. We also get to try lots of the food so we know what it tastes like when talking to Guests about it! You may remember me writing about my first culinary day from the start of my program. This was pretty much the same; I helped out doing lots of prep jobs and I was awarded a Four Keys card to thank me for my help!


Wednesday 27th February – Bar Day

You guessed it, today I worked on the bar in the pub! It was such a fun day and I had a great time. I didn’t serve Guests but I worked on the service bar, making drinks for the servers to take to their tables in the restaurant.

I finished at 5:30pm (the earliest finish I’ll have for a while) so I wanted to go to Magic Kingdom to watch the fireworks, mainly to celebrate my Grandad’s birthday. I needed a bit of magic and I’m so lucky I can experience it every day.

I got the monorail from Epcot and met Liv, we got drinks and snacks from Starbucks and got ready to cry at the fireworks. 30 minutes before Happily Ever After started, there was a little show on the castle called Once Upon a Time which I’ve not seen before. It was really cute and, yes, I cried at this too. Then it was time for the main event. It was just what I needed!


Friday 1st March – Volcano Bay

Chloe and I went to Volcano Bay for the first time today. It’s a water park owned by Universal and is included in my annual pass so I couldn’t wait to go. The weather was perfect for a water park day and the place itself is beautiful! The main wave pool is at the bottom of a huge volcano with water slides built in to it… I wasn’t brave enough to go on those today!


Chloe and I only did some of the rides on offer. There are so many! I thought I was going to fall out of the raft on the first one as it literally launches you up a wall as you come down the slide. We spent a long time going round the lazy river in rubber rings and also the ‘not so’ lazy river, where you have to wear life jackets as it throws you around so much. It was so funny; I nearly swallowed loads of water where I was laughing so much.

We didn’t really have to queue for anything. It was really quiet but for busier days they have these wristbands called Tapu Tapu where you can join virtual queues while you go and do other things, then they vibrate when it’s your turn to ride. They also open your locker and you can link a card to pay for things with them, too. It’s such a good idea.

We spent time in the wave pool, had a little sunbathe then got some food (a veggie burger for me) and an ice cream. After that, I had a little snooze on my sunbed then it was time to go home. It was such a great day and I can’t wait to come back.

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd February – More food running

This weekend was the start of my tipped food running without a trainer. I can’t believe how good the tips are here; I’d forgotten the tipping culture of the US and didn’t quite anticipate this when I first started in my non-tipped role in October.

By Sunday night I was absolutely exhausted and ached all over. It sounds weird but I didn’t appreciate the different movement and muscles I was having to use to what I would usually!

L x

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