17. Last Week on Podium

As the title says, this was my last week on the Front of House team before starting my service training at the weekend. I feel nervous to start my new role but at the same time I am ready for the next step. Being on podium was great but it was very comfortable and didn’t challenge me much; I am someone who can get bored easily and needs to be pushed out of my comfort zone every so often! I got to do my last Magic Moment where I chose a child to start the fireworks. I’ll be sad not to do this anymore!


My days off this week (Thursday and Friday) were pretty chilled out. I didn’t want to be tired going into training!

Friday 22nd February – More Festival of the Arts

I treated myself to a pedicure in the morning then I went to Magic Kingdom in the afternoon. For a long time, I’ve just wanted to go to MK by myself and lay on the grass in front of the castle, reading my book. It may sound strange but I love that I can literally come here for an hour just to do that while taking in the atmosphere, as opposed to being on the go constantly and trying to cram everything in because I’m here for a short time on holiday. So that’s what I did and I will definitely make more time to do this in the future because it was SO lovely. Every now and then I would look away from my book, take in the castle and smile to myself because I still can’t believe how lucky I am to be here.


I then took the monorail over to Epcot to meet Elin, where we did the last few things of the Festival of the Arts that we wanted to do as it was coming to an end in a few days ready for the next festival. We ate more of the food, watched the Broadway show again (this time with people from The Lion King) and did the Animation Academy. This is where you follow an artist at the front and draw a Disney character from scratch. There used to be a permanent art class here which I remember from past holidays and I’m so sad they don’t do it anymore. We got to draw Stitch!

Saturday 23rd February – Last day on podium!

It ended up being a really short day for me because it wasn’t very busy and they didn’t need me.  I got to say goodbye to that lovely chippy bonnet! It was also Chloe’s last day on podium- I’m so glad we are going into training together.

Sunday 24th February – Food running

I got up early to meet a friend of my mum’s who had come out to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon; she had brought a parcel with her from my mum which was so kind! I opened it on the bus to work and nearly cried when I saw how many Creme Eggs were inside… she also sent me a Disney top for Red Nose Day and spray deodorant because it’s so expensive here!


I was pretty nervous for my first day in the kitchen. Before we start our actual service training, we have to train as food runners and complete a culinary and bar day so we see all aspects of the kitchen/ restaurant. My trainer was lovely and, although it was quite overwhelming with everything I had to remember, I enjoyed my first day. You may not think carrying some plates is hard work but I was exhausted by the end of the day, mentally and physically! Having completed my first day successfully, I’m now looking forward to the rest of my training and ‘earning my ears’ again!


L x

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