16. Fort Wilderness & Universal

Monday 11th February – Test Day

I started the week with the best and healthiest breakfast… grilled cheese and chocolate milk! I am such a child.


I’m sure I mentioned in a previous post that I was revising for my pre-service test (we have to do this before we can start training to become a server in the restaurant) and I took the test after work today. I passed with about 96% and am pleased that I can progress to the next stage, although I’m nervous because I’ve heard the training is intense!

Tuesday 12th February – Bonus day off

The restaurant was closed today for routine maintenance and they didn’t need all of us in so I opted to have an extra day off. I had a very relaxed day getting things done then I received a surprise package.

Matt had sent me roses for Valentine’s Day but these were extra special as they were Aladdin themed (Aladdin is special to us for a few reasons). I’ve never seen anything like this before, so thoughtful… and fancy!

In the evening, Elin, Chloe and I went to Olive Garden for dinner to celebrate Chloe and I passing our pre-service tests. Olive Garden is one of my favourite places… constantly dreaming of their breadsticks!


Wednesday 13th February – Staycay at Fort Wilderness

I finished work early today as Aaron had booked a cabin at Fort Wilderness for us, Roma and Elin. I managed to get there without getting lost, despite me getting it confused with Wilderness Lodge many, many times.

Aaron and Roma picked me up from the lobby in a golf buggy; this place is basically a forest and is so huge that people hire them to get around! We stopped at the shop to get some supplies for dinner and to make s’mores, saw the Happily Ever After fireworks from the beach, went back to the lobby to get Elin then went back to the cabin. It was so cosy and cute. We ate and watched Pretty Woman then went to bed. Roma and Elin had the bunk beds and I had the double bed to myself… luxury!

Thursday 14th February – Shopping

Aaron had to go to work early but Elin, Roma and I left the cabin and went to Trail’s End for breakfast. This is the place that our arrival group went for dinner to meet up for the first time back in October!

We went home and I had another parcel from Matt for Valentine’s Day. I have certainly been spoiled with all the Easter treats!


Elin and I then spent the afternoon at Disney Springs; it was the last day of our 40% Cast Member Discount so we wanted to make the most of it! I had quite a few things I wanted to buy and it was a bonus getting them with a bigger discount than normal.

We lugged our bags over to Boardwalk and got the boat to Hollywood Studios as I hadn’t seen my fave Fantasmic! in a while and I missed it. We also used up the last of our free snack coupons and had a feast while we watched the show. I made Elin stay behind at the end so I could get some photos… it was a great time.

Friday 15th February – Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure

Elin and I went to Universal today as we hadn’t been in a while. We did some newer rides that I’d not done before and some of our favourites. We also did the Popeye water ride and, of course, I was in the seat that gets the wettest. It was really quiet so we sat opposite each other in the raft so Elin got to watch me disappear under a waterfall!


We wandered around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (another one of my favourite places in Florida) and I tried frozen Butterbeer for the first time. I think it’s even better than regular Butterbeer, especially on a hot day.

We then met some friends for dinner at Hard Rock Café to celebrate Liv passing her service test. Cocktails, delicious food and great music made for a great evening with some lovely people.

L x

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