15. Festival of the Arts


Once again I’m sorry for my absence in the last few weeks… I have been in intense training at work as I go into service. More about that soon!

Monday 4th – Thursday 7th February

Another week of work with some training shifts, as a new group had arrived. Not much else to report!

Friday 8th February – A day off to enjoy the festival

I only had one day off this week so I made the most of it by going to Epcot as a Guest with Aaron to explore the current festival, Festival of the Arts!

We walked around looking at all the art stalls. I had to resist buying ALL the paintings… they were insane! Here are some of my favourites:

I also tried some of the food on offer, like the paintbrush churros and the artist’s palette cookie. We then watched the concert, Disney on Broadway (if you know me, you’ll know that this is seriously up my street). It was SO GOOD; we saw the original Bert from West End’s Mary Poppins and a woman who played Ursula in The Little Mermaid The Musical and is in the newest Freaky Friday. They are so talented and I cried when they sang some of the songs from Mary Poppins (fond memories of the school I worked at). I absolutely loved it.

Aaron and I also made our own candles which was really fun. We were sat there for at least an hour and it was such a calming, fun activity! We then wandered around Epcot a bit more looking at all the art and eating more food. I also went to see my friends at work in the UK Pavilion. My lovely friend Emma even showed me Christopher Robin’s room which is no longer open to the public.

On the way out, I made a very extravagant purchase and finally bought the Dooney and Bourke bag that I’ve been obsessed with since I first got here. I have been saving up for ages and so pleased with it. It’s such a fun print of my favourite place in the world.


Saturday 9th February – Welcome to the world baby Zach

Although I was back at work, today was a very special day as my friend gave birth to her gorgeous baby boy back in England. I was so tense and excited all morning because I was being sent updates but couldn’t be on my phone… I was in the chippy and we were all guessing when he would be born! I’m so happy but feel sad at the same time because I can’t be there for cuddles and meet him until he’s 6 months old. Luckily I get sent lots of pictures which I am so thankful for!

L x

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