14. Garden Grill & Animal Kingdom Lodge

Monday 28th January – Vacation Day

I booked a random vacation day ages ago and I’m glad I did! I had a really relaxed morning, did some chores, did a food shop and went to the Post Office for the first time to send Matt a Valentines’ parcel. A very productive day!

Thursday 31st January – First Trainer Shift

The next group of Cast Members arrived to start their programs this week, which meant we were training them in their new roles. I had my first shift doing this today which felt weird as it felt like last week I was arriving and being trained by people who are now friends! Plus I got to wear my trainer pin for the first time! After I had shown my trainee everything initially, it was pretty easy and I just stood back to monitor them for the rest of the time.


Friday 1st February – Garden Grill and Staycay

Elin, Zoe, Liv and I went to Epcot early for breakfast at Garden Grill. Like most places in Disney World, I have fond memories of coming here with my family many years ago! I especially remember this restaurant as not only do characters come round while you eat, but the restaurant itself rotates and looks down onto different scenery if you look over the railings every now and then!

I don’t remember going for breakfast before, but I wasn’t disappointed. We had a huge tear-and-share cinnamon bun, fruit, tater tots, sausage patties (veggie ones for Elin and I), scrambled eggs, Mickey waffles, syrup and Nutella… all-you-can-eat style! It was delicious and of course I loved the characters coming round to our table.

Because we were training the new people at work, we only had one day off this week. Mine was supposed to be yesterday but I swapped it to have Saturday off, so I went to work after breakfast. I managed to finish early and Emma and I got an Uber to Animal Kingdom Lodge to meet Chloe and Elin- we were staying there to celebrate Chloe’s birthday!

It’s a beautiful resort and as always I was blown away by the theming and detail. We had some wine and food in the room and watched Harry Potter for a while before we all fell asleep.


Saturday 2nd February – Pool Time

I was so grateful to have swapped for today off work. I could relax around the resort with the others and make the most of staying there. We had a birthday breakfast for Chloe at Boma and we were joined by more of our arrival group which was lovely.

We then went back to the room to pack before checking out and spending some time by the pool. Highlight: Chloe’s bikini had fallen off the balcony into the bush below so she had to go and retrieve it. Of course the rest of us were really helpful in this situation, staying on our balcony, laughing our heads off and playing Toto’s ‘Africa’… 

We spent a couple of hours by the pool and I obviously had to try out the slide! After a nap we got changed and looked around the resort a bit more. We did a culinary tour of the two restaurants in the resort and got to try some African dishes. After that, we looked outside at the Savannah, saw some animals up close and had s’mores.

We got home late afternoon and Emma, Chloe and Aaron came round to play Elin’s new Disney Parks Monopoly! It has a pop-up castle in the middle of the board and I’m obsessed. I annihilated everyone and won the game! It was such a funny evening.


L x

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