13. Goofy’s Haunted Mystery Tour & SeaWorld

Welcome back! I’m sorry it’s been a while… I’ve been very busy with work and other things but hopefully I can catch up from the last few weeks soon!

Tuesday 22nd January – Class

In preparation for going into service, I had two classes this morning at Disney University; Uncork the Magic and Appetite for Service. They were actually really interesting and were delivered by two guys who are very passionate and knowledgeable about what they do. I learned a LOT about wine, how it’s made, how to present and serve it properly and about the Disney standards of service.

I went into Company D, the Cast Member shop, afterwards and finally bought the Cast Member Spirit Jersey. Another thing I can tick off my bucket list!

Thursday 24th January – Goofy’s Haunted Mystery Tour

After a great lie in and chilled morning, I got ready and headed to Animal Kingdom. Aaron, Elin, Emma and I had formed a team to take part in Goofy’s Haunted Mystery Tour! It’s a really popular annual event for Cast Members that takes place in a Disney park after hours, where you have to solve different types of puzzles and clues to win points… while you are tied to the rest of your team! Yes, you read that correctly. You’re attached to the other members of your team and have to get from puzzle to puzzle this way.  It’s quite difficult to explain but it was SO much fun! I had no idea what to expect but I’m so glad I did it, even though we did nearly kill each other trying to navigate around tied up!

I didn’t get many pictures as we weren’t allowed phones. The first part was in the Finding Nemo the Musical theatre and was a trivia round. The questions were so difficult! We then left the theatre and had to find different groups of characters from the clues we were given, who then gave us a puzzle to solve. When we had solved it, we were then given the next clue to find the next group of characters, and so on. It was really clever and the characters were amazing (I got a bit scared by a Hitchhiking Ghost who tried to follow us).

Once the curfew hit, we had to turn in our final clue sheets to be marked and returned to the theatre to untie ourselves and find out the answers. There was also an awards presentation for the top 3 teams. As the event happened after the park is closed to Guests, we were home so late and I was exhausted!

Friday 25th January – SeaWorld

Aaron, Elin and I had planned to spend the day in SeaWorld. Due to different schedules, we don’t see Aaron a lot so it was so lovely to spend the day with him! He has an annual pass so had free tickets that he kindly gave us. We also purchased All Day Dining wristbands which cost $40 and you literally get a meal EVERY HOUR. You can get an entrée, dessert and a drink and we certainly did our best to eat every hour we were there. It was hilarious.

The park was really quiet so we did all the rides at least once, including the new coaster Mako which is INSANE. This was me after riding it for the first time (I screamed so much I dribbled and my eyes leaked)…


After a combination of rollercoasters and eating 4 meals in 6 hours, we weren’t feeling so great! I feel like we deserved a medal for not throwing up!

Here’s an idea of the food on offer (I’m a vegetarian and was impressed with the options available. Aaron ate ALL the meat):

Meal 1: (Breakfast) Muffin, fruit cup and orange juice.

Meal 2: Pizza, fries, cookies and Icee.

Meal 3: Chickpea burger, fries and chocolate cake.

Meal 4: Seared tofu, rice, beans and cookie dough cupcake.

I couldn’t finish everything but I still can’t believe how much I ate… it’s definitely worth doing for the value! Elin and I then did the new water ride which actually has a lift… so cool! On the way out we did the new penguin attraction which is a new style of ride; there is no track but the vehicle is like a hovercraft/ hoover and it just glides around randomly. I was a bit freaked out by this concept but the ride was cute.

Sunday 27th January – Revision and Jellyrolls

Before we can begin service training, we have to pass a pre-service test on the menu and Disney service standards. I went in to work early today to start revising as I had to complete mine by the 14th February.


The weather was awful today so Epcot was super quiet. I spent the whole of my shift folding napkins and polishing cutlery for the IllumiNations Dining Package for the evening! I didn’t mind- we put on some music and it was mindless, productive work. I finished early and did some more revision then Elin and I went to Jellyrolls for Helen’s birthday.

Jellyrolls is a piano bar behind Epcot on Boardwalk. I’ve never been before so I was looking forward to it. It was COMPLETELY up my street! They sell huge cocktails and the pianists are insanely talented. They can play anything and even take requests! They play a mixture of modern/ old school tunes and of course some Disney bangers too. They also have free popcorn all night! This place is fabulous and Cast Members get free entry on Sunday nights. We had so much fun and I loved it!

L x

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