12. VoluntEARing

Wednesday 16th January – Pet Alliance

Like the Fantasmic! backstage tour, an opportunity came up at work where we could put our names down to volunteer at Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. Of course, as soon as I saw the sign-up sheet, my name was on it! Luckily I got picked to go and I was really looking forward to it, especially seeing all the doggos!

Our manager met us at Epcot Cast Services and drove us in a company van which was great as we didn’t have to worry about getting there or back. We had a tour of the premises, got to feed the dogs treats in their kennels and helped to organise the food shed and throw any expired food away. It was a big job but there were a lot of us so it didn’t take too long. We then got to play with one of the dogs and stroke the cats (I’m not a cat person so I stood back for this bit).


It was a great morning and I’m glad we could help out but I did feel sad leaving the dogs behind. It also made me miss my own dog, Riley, even more than I already do.

After a good shift at work, I went back to my new favourite restaurant, Olive Garden, with Elin, Chloe and Aaron. It was lovely to catch up with them as I hadn’t seen Aaron and Chloe in a while.


After eating a million breadsticks (the Holy Grail), we got Uber to Dave and Busters. It’s a huge arcade with a bar. Our main goal was the Dance Mat but these two guys were on it the whole time we were there… bit annoying but they were amazing at it to be fair. I had a go on Guitar Hero, my other favourite game, and discovered that I can do it left-handed. I also got the top score on my favourite song… yaassss.

Thursday 17th January – Feeling Poorly

After a nice lay-in, Elin and I had plans to go to Beach Club for dinner (they do amazing freakshakes) and then watch Fantasmic! in the evening. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel well at all so I stayed home. I managed to get out to do laundry but the machine was broken, left my clothes dripping wet and it took hours for them to dry. Not a good day!

Friday 18th January – Haircut

I felt a bit better today so Elin and I went with Chloe to pick up her rental car for when her friends arrive in the US. She had to get it from the Swan and Dolphin resort in Disney World so we got to have a look inside… it’s fancy! Adda and Emma joined us and we had McDonald’s for lunch. They had work in the afternoon so Chloe dropped them off and we went to Walmart.

My mission for the day was to finally get my hair cut… I last had it cut before I got here over 3 months ago and I’d already attempted to trim my fringe once. So it was long overdue. I wasn’t sure which salon to try and I’d seen one in Walmart… yes, Walmart. So I decided to give that one a go… although I was scared I’d come out with a buzz cut.

I did not end up with a buzz cut. It was a strange experience though as I’m so used to going to the same person back in the UK who knows how I like my hair styled.

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th January – Ill

I woke up on the Saturday feeling very poorly. The usual aching all over, banging headache and other coldy-flu symptoms. I was supposed to go to Target with Aaron and Elin before work but I couldn’t get out of bed. I had to call out sick from work as well on both days. I spent the weekend feeling very sorry for myself and bored of being stuck inside! I did manage to catch up on my blog though, which is why you’ve been treated to so many recently!

On the Sunday evening there was a Blood Moon (lunar eclipse), so I had a brief return to fresh air with Aaron to see it at midnight. It was really cool! I was feeling slightly better  by this point so I hoped to go back to work the next day.

L x



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