8. Matt arrives in Orlando!

Monday 17th December

Matt officially arrives this week! After work, a few of us went to Hurricanes for dinner which was lovely. I had the salmon… of course! It’s an unofficial mission of mine to try the salmon is as many different restaurants as I can…


Fun fact: Cilantro is coriander in the US… luckily I found out before I ordered because ew…

Wednesday 19th December

Before work, Elin and I went a housing event in the form of an ear-making workshop. It was so fun and I had a great time with my hot glue gun!

When I got to work I received a postcard from my lovely friend Emma in merchandise. I was in such a good mood today as it was my last shift before Matt gets here and I have 9 days off!


Thursday 20th December – a day of worry

It was a miserable day today; we had a tornado warning and an awful storm. Elin and I had planned to go to another festive housing event but as soon as we looked out the window, I quickly decided I wasn’t leaving the apartment! Elin braved it to go to the shops as she wanted to bake cookies.

I spoke to Matt and found out that Gatwick airport had been closed because of sightings of a drone in the airspace. I spent the rest of the day checking on it and feeling very worried as Matt was supposed to be flying out the next day. The longer Gatwick was closed, the more upset I felt as I’d been looking forward to this for so long and it wasn’t looking good. Elin baked her cookies and I helped her decorate them while we watched a Christmas film.


I didn’t get a lot of sleep that night as I was constantly checking for updates on Gatwick… at 2am Florida time it reopened but I kept waking up to check on it as I was scared I was dreaming!

Friday 21st December – Matt arrives!

I couldn’t believe it… Matt made it on to his flight! He was delayed by an hour or so which I expected from all the chaos but once he’d taken off, Gatwick closed again! I can’t believe how lucky we were but I felt so sorry for all of the other people who were affected. I spent the rest of the day feeling so happy and excited, getting ready and packing. I hadn’t dared do anything yesterday as I didn’t want to jinx anything.

I was ready pretty early so rather than sitting around waiting I ordered an Uber to the airport. Matt thought he was coming to get me from housing but I wanted to surprise him at the gate. I waited for about 3 hours then finally I saw him walking towards me. It was such a surreal moment and neither of us could speak for a couple of minutes! We just cuddled for ages and couldn’t stop smiling. I didn’t cry until we got to the hotel, it just hit me all of sudden… I can’t believe he’s here!!!

As it was so late, we had a quick McDonald’s for dinner. I had barely eaten all day as I was so excited. It felt so surreal to have him here, especially after the chaos of the last couple of days wondering if he would even be able to get here.

Saturday 22nd December – Magic Kingdom

Matt’s first day meant that we were going to the Magic Kingdom. Definitely the first park anyone should go to on their first visit. It’s by far the most magical of them all!

We struggled to get up on time after a late and emotional night, so we got stuck in a long queue to get into the parking lot and for the transport over to the park. Matt loves boats so we got the Ferryboat across instead of the monorail; my first time since coming back! It was a very cold day and it was so busy, being the first Saturday of the Christmas holidays! We walked in just as the parade was starting so it was pretty chaotic.

I got emotional (again… shock) as we walked up Main Street, seeing Matt see the castle for the first time. It’s such a magical moment. I kept having to pinch myself as it felt so surreal that he was finally here with me in my favourite place in the world.

We did Space Mountain first, one of my favourite rides, then Splash Mountain. We had lunch in my favourite place in Magic Kingdom, Pecos Bill, walked around and watched the Friendship Fayre show in front of the castle. It was then time for the parade. I didn’t realise that it was the parade from the Very Merry Christmas Party so it was great that Matt got to see it too! I even got Pixie-Dusted… Matt wasn’t so keen.

After wandering around a bit more, it was time to watch Elsa freezing the castle. I’d only seen it once before so I was really excited. I think Matt was impressed too. I’m really going to miss seeing the castle lit up, it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

It was then time to see the fireworks. It was Holiday Wishes (again, from the Christmas party), which meant we had to wait till the New Year to watch Happily Ever After, but they were still amazing of course. I cried as soon as they started. I had dreamed of watching the Disney fireworks with Matt for such a long time and it was coming true.

We then did a couple more rides as it had quietened down a lot after the fireworks. Matt loved his first experience of It’s A Small World (not!) and the Haunted Mansion. It was absolutely freezing (Matt had to wear my Spirit Jersey) so we made our way back to the hotel after that. What a magical day!


Sunday 23rd December – Hollywood Studios

Matt and I drove back to my apartment to pick up Elin as we were spending the day in Hollywood Studios. It was also mine and Matt’s 2 ‘ear’ anniversary so we picked up some celebration buttons… thank you Elin for taking some lovely pictures for us!

Although it was pretty busy, we managed to get most things done. I’m glad Elin could spend the day with us but I was especially glad as she did Tower of Terror with Matt! If you know me, you know that I live in fear of this ride, but I wanted Matt to experience it. We also met Olaf and Matt met Minnie and Mickey for the first time!

LIFE HIGHLIGHT: I asked Mickey if he was ready for Fantasmic! which we were about to see… he then proceeded to do the choreography while the character attendants sang the theme. I nearly cried on the spot. Thankfully it was all caught on camera…

Still not over what just happened, Matt and I made our way over to the Fantasmic! stadium. I WAS SO EXCITED. Another thing I’d dreamed of was watching my favourite show with my favourite person. Guess what? I cried!

Another truly magical day.

L x

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