7. Christmas Shopping

Welcome back! I hope you had an amazing Christmas and happy New Year! Sorry it’s been a while… I’ve had a busy couple of weeks with Matt being here- more about that soon. This week though was a pretty quiet one so it’s going to be short and sweet… enjoy!

Monday 10th December

Had a much needed lay-in after Mum and Thomas’ visit! Work was work (uneventful) then I helped my friend Chloe move in to her new apartment in the evening. We got a Dominos and watched Moana… a spontaneous but lovely evening. Matt officially arrives next week!!!

Tuesday 11th December

It was a VERY cold day again so out came the Hogwarts coat once more! I also received a surprise parcel from my Auntie in Australia filled with lots of Disney bits which put a big smile on my face.


I couldn’t believe that Christmas was 2 weeks away… where has this year gone??? I also started my 10 day countdown to Matt’s arrival in Orlando. I cannot describe how excited I am!!!

Wednesday 12th December

I did some laundry then Elin and I went to Roma’s apartment for breakfast. She made us pancakes! Again, work was uneventful, and I was looking forward to my last ‘properly scheduled’ 2 days off of the year before Matt arrives!

Thursday 13th December – Christmas Shopping Day

I got up early to get to Walmart to do some food shopping before heading to Magic Kingdom. There were a few Christmas presents I needed to get from there specifically and I wanted to take some photos of the lovely baubles that my Mum got me, made by her friend, for her business page. I love them!


I also had a little treat to prepare myself for a day of Christmas shopping…


I can’t believe I can just come to Magic Kingdom for a couple of hours to do some Christmas shopping! After making a good start there I headed over to meet Elin in Disney Springs, which used to be known as Downtown Disney. It’s like a city in itself with loads of places to eat, a cinema, bowling alley and every shop you could ever want! I finished my shopping then met Chloe. We went to the dine-in cinema to see the new Fantastic Beasts movie. It was a strange experience ordering and eating your dinner while in the cinema.

I spent the rest of the evening wrapping all my presents (I love doing this!) and writing my Christmas cards while watching The Holiday with Elin. A very productive and festive day!

Friday 14th December

A year ago on this day I found out that I was coming to work in Walt Disney World! I remember the moment I got the email so clearly… I was in my classroom at the of the day with my best friend, Adele. I had given up checking my emails as we had already been waiting several weeks so I didn’t expect it at all. Then when I tried ringing my family to tell them, no one was answering their phones… typical!

I didn’t feel too well today so I stayed home, slept and finalised plans for Matt’s visit. He arrives 1 week today!!!

Saturday 15th / Sunday 16th December

Last week at work before Matt arrives! I went into work early in the gloomy weather to get some stamps and  post my Christmas cards. We were selling a Marry Poppins biscuit at work to celebrate the new film being released this week… so cute! Speaking of cute, I also received a postcard from my lovely friend Emma who works across the street in Merchandise. The week ended with Elin and I watching Arthur Christmas, another great Christmas film with a modern twist!


L x

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