3. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party & Animal Kingdom

I had three days off this week. THREE WHOLE DAYS. It was bliss!

Tuesday 13th November

I went to Partners before I started work to set up my bank account, now that I have my social security number. My debit card has Tinkerbell on it!


After we finished work, Elin and I got the bus back and went to our first Disney Housing event with some friends. It was to celebrate Thanksgiving so we got free food (always a win) and met Mickey, Donald and Goody dressed up in their Thanksgiving outfits. There was also a party going on which was good fun!

Wednesday 14th November: Being Productive

My first day off of three… not a lot of other people were off so this was a ‘getting things done’ kind of day. I’m pleased to say I was very productive but I won’t bore you with the jobs I ticked off my list. I also went to the pool and chatted to some friends and family on the phone. I always seem to be by the pool when I Facetime them; they think I’m just doing it to rub it in but that’s what I like to do when I have spare time!

Thursday 15th November: Shopping & Christmas Party

Elin and I went to Character Warehouse in the outlets near our housing complex in the morning. It’s a shop that sells discontinued or old merchandise with huge discounts. I got a few bits then we went to Cast Connections for the first time. This is a warehouse on Disney property that also sells a bigger range of similar things. There’s also another room for Cast Members called Mickey’s Treasures where they sell damaged merchandise that can’t be sold to Guests for ridiculously cheap prices, some of it is barely damaged! It was a very weird place but we found some great things… including a Toy Story Alien light up necklace… look out for pictures of those, I promise they’re great.

We went home and got ready to go to Magic Kingdom in the evening. Back on went the red lipstick and Christmas ears- it was time for my first Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! This was a similar event to the Halloween party where you have to purchase tickets separately. I was so excited; I loved the Halloween one but anyone who knows me understands how much I adore Christmas.

As we walked in, we were given Christmas cookies. Like last time, there were treat stations all around the park, but instead of candy for Halloween we were given various cookies, hot chocolate, eggnog, snow cones and snowman pretzels! We met characters, some dressed up in their Christmas gear, and just for the party the Princesses were meeting with their Princes.

We watched the castle show- at first I thought it was a bit strange (there was a theme of texting) but it was very good in the end. Then it was time for Holiday Wishes (fireworks) then the special Christmas parade. This was the bit I was most looking forward to and I wasn’t disappointed- we even saw Santa on his sleigh!

I also did a few rides and later on Chloe and I conquered the three mountains: Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain. The queues were so short because it was late and most people who were still in the park were watching the later parade. As we walked out of Magic Kingdom it started snowing on Main Street. It was so magical and I can’t believe I’ve been lucky enough to go to both the Halloween and Christmas parties since I got here.


Friday 16th November: Animal Kingdom

Elin, Chloe and I got up pretty early to get to Animal Kingdom- Elin and I hadn’t yet been since we arrived in the US!

Expectation: get an Uber there for park open, go straight to Pandora and ride Avatar: Flight of Passage, will queue an hour max.

Reality: got there for park open, ran to Pandora and the queue was ALREADY TWO AND A HALF HOURSI’ve never seen a line like it for anything!!! I honestly don’t understand how that many people got in the park when it had just opened… speaking to a lady later on though, she said her family got the bus at 7:30am to get to the park for 8am so they were at the front of the queue. Insane!

Feeling very baffled, we went on Kilamanjaro Safari instead and saw lots of animals. We then had a Fastpass to meet Minnie and Mickey, expecting them to be in their safari gear. When we got there, they were in their Christmas outfits! I nearly cried.



We then did Dinosaur… I have very bad memories of this ride being completely terrifying from seven years ago so I was actually really scared to go on it. I nervous-laughed the whole way round while clinging on to Elin for dear life. It is a very good ride and not AS bad as I remember, but it is still very intense.

Photo 1: genuine reaction. Photo 2: recreation of a family photo from seven years ago.

I had a black bean burger for lunch and got a Mickey birthday cupcake as it’s his birthday weekend. Roma joined us and we did Expedition: Everest which is another great ride! We then watched the Festival of the Lion King which I cried at because it’s so beautiful.


Animal Kingdom is such a beautiful place and there so many photogenic spots! We did Dinosaur and Everest again because we had Fastpasses, then I had my first Mickey ice cream sandwich. We finished off the day with the show under the Tree of Life: ‘It’s Tough to be a Bug!’

We got home, ordered a Dominos and watched a Christmas film… perfect evening!

Sunday 18th November: Mickey’s Birthday!

We got to wear birthday buttons at work to celebrate the big mouse’s 90th birthday. It was also Dapper Day so it was really fun seeing Guests walk around in their vintage outfits. It was actually a really fun weekend of work!

L x

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