2. Holiday Celebration Filming

Work fun this week involved being on a tornado warning. It was very windy and it poured it down which meant we had to go manual when we were getting people checked in to the restaurant, which was very chaotic and busy. I got to style out my rain gear…


I also got to pretend I was a bouncer and manned the doors to the pub one evening with a couple of sheriffs. It was crazy busy because of the Food & Wine Festival and it was also the Wine & Dine Marathon Weekend. It was amazing seeing Guests walking round in their race gear and their medals!

I did a couple more Magic Moments which I always love doing. The children are always so excited and the parents love it too. I stayed a couple of times to watch the fireworks and had a few more moments where I think, “do I actually work here?!?!”

HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK (sorry Chloe if you’re reading this!!!):

My friend Chloe had an absolute nightmare at work one day. She was changing a beer keg and accidentally knocked the hose out. I discovered her in there, dripping in beer from head to toe, as was the whole of the keg room… floor to ceiling! It literally took me ten minutes to stop laughing and calm down enough to actually speak and ask if she was alright! She was laughing too before you think I’m a horrible human being. Every time I think about it even now I laugh so much… it was just hilarious. I needed to document this moment!

Thursday 8th November: Christmas Filming in Epcot

We had Cast Member tickets to attend the Family Holiday Celebration filming in Epcot, which is shown on television in the run up to Christmas. I put my Christmas ears and red lipstick on and off we went. It was too hot to wear my new spirit jersey so I bought a Christmas t-shirt… I definitely live in Florida!

There was a lot of waiting around but we finally got in and it turned out to be pretty fun! We saw Jordan Fisher perform, who sings the Happily Ever After theme for the castle show. He has a beautiful voice and I’m now obsessed with him…

Everyone else had to leave for work but Roma and I had the day off. We did a little bit of Epcot then got the Friendship (yep, you read that correctly) to Hollywood Studios. I got emotional seeing it all decorated for Christmas for the first time! We did the Frozen Sing-A-Long which was hilarious and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. I tried watching the projections on Tower of Terror but it made me feel sick (I don’t get on with this ride… maybe I’ll explain another time).


We finished the evening by watching Fantasmic! again. I cried again. IT’S MY FAVOURITE.

Friday 9th November: One Month-iversary!

Work was extremely quiet so I was able to leave early. I met Helen and Elin and we played in Epcot for a while in the evening. We did Turtle Talk with Crush which is so clever and single rider for Test Track because the queue was ridiculous. It’s changed since I last went on it and I’m not sure I prefer the new version! I also did Frozen Ever After for the first time and I loved it!

We also went to see some of our friends at work in the UK pavilion and took in the Christmas decorations…

Our arrival group went for a late-night dinner at Miller’s Ale House to celebrate officially being here for a month. It’s so difficult to get us all together as there are 11 of us and we are all on different schedules, so it was a lovely evening with lots of laughter with everyone.


Sunday 11th November: More Christmas Filming in Magic Kingdom

I only had a six hour shift but I felt very light-headed and not very well. Thankfully I finished at 5pm and Elin, Roma, Aaron and I were lucky enough to have more tickets to the Holiday Celebration filming in Magic Kingdom for the evening.


This was my first time seeing Magic Kingdom decorated for Christmas and I cried as I walked down Main Street taking it all in. It has been another dream of mine to go to Disney World at Christmas and I just couldn’t believe it was happening. I’m glad I saw it for the first time in the evening as everything was lit up and it was so special.

For the filming, we saw Andrea Bocelli and his son Matteo perform in front of Cinderella Castle which was amazing. It also ‘snowed’ while Andrea sang ‘White Christmas’ at the piano… just magical!


We went back to Pecos Bill for dinner and I had my favourite plant-based burger. We returned to the VIP filming area to watch Happily Ever After, which was surprisingly empty at this point, and got to sit down to watch the show close up. What a shocker, I cried some more. I don’t think we’ll ever get such a good view of it again!

We finished off the evening with a ride on Space Mountain. I went at the front and deafened everyone again with my screaming. I definitely don’t remember it being that scary when I was younger… it’s just so dark! I love it though.

It was lovely ending the week with yet another magical night…

L x

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