1: Magic Kingdom & First Staycay

Now I’ve updated you on my first few weeks in the US, I’m going to do my posts week by week. I probably won’t write much about work; as you know, work is work, and it will probably be pretty much the same kind of thing each day unless something particularly interesting happens! The exciting part will be my days off and I know that’s what you really want to hear about!

Saturday 27th October – Magic Kingdom & First Happily Ever After

Elin and I went to Walmart in the morning for a much-needed food shop. We then got ready and got the bus over to Magic Kingdom. The lovely Lauren from ‘Lauren’s Floating Lights’ came with us (she’s a server at the Rose & Crown) and she took some beautiful photos for us on her snazzy new phone! It’s a must to have a photo with the Casting Agency door in Main Street and I’d never had a photo with the purple wall before. A custodial Cast Member even stopped to take some photos of the three of us which was lovely. Thank you to Lauren for the pics!

Lauren unfortunately didn’t feel very well so she went home. Elin and I stayed; I had wanted a Mickey pretzel since I arrived in the US so Elin and I got one each and sat in front of the castle. It was so delicious… 10/10 recommend! We also met Stitch and it was great fun. He was so cheeky and when I told him we work in Epcot he went crazy! I especially love him because he randomly reminds me of our dog Riley… cute but mischievous!

We did the Carousel of Progress (“there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow!”) and Mickey’s Philharmagic. As it was a Saturday the park was absolutely packed but Splash Mountain was a short wait. It wasn’t the warmest of days but we put our rain macs on and off we went… we got put in the front row and got pretty wet. We had dinner at Pecos Bill in Frontierland… their plant-based burger is now my favourite meal!

It was then time for me to see Happily Ever After for the first time. This is the firework and projection show at Cinderella Castle. When I was last here seven years ago, it used to be Wishes which I absolutely loved, so I was a bit apprehensive to see what they’d replaced it with. I was NOT disappointed. From the moment it started I was crying, which escalated to me silently sobbing by the end of the show. I looked over to Elin when it finished and she was crying too. It was absolutely incredible and, as cringey as it sounds, the theme centres around chasing your dreams which obviously resonates very closely with me.

I only took a few a pictures of the beginning as I wanted to enjoy my first time watching it properly. Here is also the picture of Elin and I straight after it finished…


We finished off our amazing day by going on the PeopleMover in Tomorrowland. I love it because it has lots of interesting facts and you get to see inside Space Mountain. We then went on the Astro Orbiter which was hilarious and made us feel very dizzy.

Monday 29th October – First Night Out in Orlando

My first few shifts post-training went well. I was a bit nervous at first not having a trainer with me but everyone around me is very helpful and things went very smoothly.

A few of us had decided to go out in the evening to try ‘Lasses’ for the first time. The pavilions in Epcot each have a team for lads and lasses and they meet up in a couple of bars in Orlando to play drinking games against each other. It sounded like good fun and it was Halloween themed so we dressed up of course…

I was a bit nervous because I’m not a massive drinker anyway and I don’t drink beer but everyone was so lovely and welcoming. When we got to the bar it was absolutely mental (in a good way) and the games were hilarious. I will definitely try it again but when I have to be in work a bit later… I don’t function well on a few hours sleep!

Wednesday 31st October

After a 10pm finish, Elin and I went to Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside resort for our first staycay! We met Emma there as she had the day off and went earlier to explore the resort. We had booked a royal room with the infamous firework headboards and I was so excited to see it.

It was beautiful. I don’t know how many times we pressed those buttons to set the fireworks off but I didn’t get bored of watching it over and over again. The room itself was gorgeous with lots of hidden details themed to the different Disney princesses.

The next morning we had a quick breakfast in the food court in the hotel then headed to the pool. Yes, the pool had a waterslide. Yes, we went on it several times. Yes, the only other people going on the slide were children. After a couple of hours we went back to our room and got ready for the afternoon. We walked over to the French Quarter, took lots of photos on the way, had Mickey beignets for lunch and took the boat over to Disney Springs. I hadn’t been since it was Downtown Disney and it has completely transformed! It’s huge with so many lovely shops and restaurants. I bought a Christmas Spirit Jersey, some more Christmas ears (yes I have a problem, I know), a few other bits and had my first Blaze Pizza.

It was such a lovely day and I can’t believe we have the opportunity to do things like this with our free time. With our Cast Member discount it works out so much cheaper, too, and it’s such a good way to explore all the different hotels and resorts that Disney have to offer. I’m hoping to do lots more of these while I’m here… watch this space!

L x


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