Before my training started I had one last day off. I had a morning by the pool chatting to friends and family on the phone and got a great start on my Florida tan! At 4pm I met some friends in Hollywood Studios and I got to see the new Toy Story Land for the first time. It’s so cool and the attention to detail is brilliant, you really do feel like a toy in the films! We then went to see Fantasmic! again, of course. An evening in Hollywood Studios would not be complete without my favourite show. We sat really near the front this time, as a family gave us their VIP tickets as we walked in!

Thursday 18th October

My first day of training for my new job! I was nervous but excited to get started. I spent the day learning the role of stocker and beer cart. To say I was overwhelmed with information would be an understatement! It was good though and everyone was really nice and welcoming. I went home exhausted and wondering whether I would be able to keep up with all this new information.

Friday 19th October

Today was culinary day. I had to wear the culinary costume, striped trousers and all! I felt odd going to work in it but everyone has to do it when they start. It was a very chilled day which I spent in the kitchen, seeing how they prepare and make the food for the Rose & Crown restaurant. At first I felt really awkward and in the way but I soon got involved and was helping to prepare appetizers and desserts. I even got to try a few things, including the fish and chips for my lunch. They are so delicious!



Saturday 20th October

My training continued and I did the reverse of what I did on my first day. It was apparently the busiest Saturday in a while thanks to the International Food & Wine Festival. It was good though as I felt that if I could handle it on a day like this, I’d be fine! My feet didn’t thank me, however, I wasn’t wearing the right socks so I had very sore feet by the end of my shift. It was a crazy day and I was, once again, exhausted and very sweaty.


Sunday 21st October

I was grateful to have today off as I needed to do boring things like a food shop and laundry. I also caught up on some sleep by the pool. I ordered dinner in from Perkins as a treat and watched a film. A few friends came round later and it was lovely to have a catch up.


Monday 22nd October

The training continues… thankfully I’d started with the most difficult role so I picked up the others pretty quickly. It helped that all my trainers were lovely and taught me well! Today I was training as seater, where you take guests to their assigned tables. I was nervous about learning all the table numbers but it was actually really easy once I was shown a way to remember them.

I got to do my first Magic Moment that evening. I chose a couple of children on one table to help me start the fireworks for IllumiNations. I was really nervous but excited and it went really well. I will never forget the looks on their little faces and the joy of their parents; this is why I have wanted to work for Disney so that I can create magic like this! I’m so excited to do it again.

After work a few of us went to Applebee’s for a late night dinner. Although I was tired, it was lovely to sit down and catch up with some new friends.

Tuesday 23rd – Friday 26th October

The last few days of my training went well and I enjoyed learning all of the different roles! My favourite role so far is greeter, where you stand behind the podium checking people in to the restaurant.

A particular highlight of these last few days was getting up at 5am on the Thursday for my Social Security appointment… not.

On the Friday I was really happy to have finished all my training and I finished early enough to go into Epcot as a Guest after work with Roma. It was a lovely evening and I got to try a few more things from Food & Wine.

I ticked off the first thing on my bucket list… to buy rose gold ears! Basic and proud, yasssss. We went back to the Rose & Crown and watched IllumiNations for the first time as Guests and it didn’t disappoint! We had an amazing view and it was great being able to watch it properly from start to finish without having to work at the same time!

It was an intense couple of weeks with lots of new faces and information. I’m now looking forward to starting work properly and I’m pleased to say I have ‘earned my ears’!

L x

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