Onboarding & Discovery Day

— All opinions are my own and do not represent those of the Walt Disney Company —

Disclaimer: If you are a future Cast Member, you may want to skip this post as it contains spoilers!

Monday 15th October

We got up early to get to Epcot for 8am. This was my first time returning to the park for seven years so I was quite excited. If you don’t know about Epcot, it has the world showcase around a huge lagoon with different pavilions for each country. This is where I will be working. I couldn’t remember much of the UK pavilion from previous family holidays as we never spent much time there; being from the UK ourselves we were more interested in the other countries!

We met James, our trainer for the day, and got the backstage bus to the back of the UK pavilion. I’m still so fascinated seeing the backstage areas and how the magic happens. We had a tour of the Rose & Crown Pub and the Chippy next door. It was very strange finally seeing the place where we will be working and it made me even more eager to get started.





After lunch we went to costuming. In all honesty, I found this a very stressful experience because the sizing is very strange and it took me ages to find the right sizes for anything! Once that was sorted, I went to the desk to get my name tag changed. I wanted it to say Sheppey, as that’s where I grew up and have spent most of my life, but it didn’t exist on their system. I found this amusing because most people have never heard of it but it also means that I’m the first person from Sheppey to work in Walt Disney World, which is pretty cool. It had to be approved so the Cast Member told me to check back in a few days.

After costuming, we did a few more online courses for our new roles then it was time to go. We have been given lockers in the Cast Services building but we all took one of our costumes home each to have photos… obviously!

Tuesday 16th October 2018

Today was Discovery Day! I was really looking forward to this day as it was more about the whole of Epcot rather than specific to our work location and I had heard there were a few surprises to make the day extra special!

I continued my new habit of falling asleep during class for the first part of the morning. I got emotional listening to the facilitators’ stories of how they came to work for Disney. I love hearing everyone’s reasons for wanting to work here and how passionate they are about it.

After a short break we got to the good bit- a tour of Epcot! We started off by riding Spaceship Earth, the attraction inside the ‘golf ball’. Elin and I kept saying to each other, “I can’t believe we’re getting paid to do this!” There were a few moments throughout the day that were really special. We got on one of the FriendShips (yes, they are really called that, it’s Disney!) and got a tour of the world showcase from the lagoon with some amazing views. It was a fantastic day.


We finished an hour early and had decided to play in the park as Guests. A few of us stayed in our smart clothes but I regretted not changing my shoes a few hours later! We had a great time walking round the Food & Wine Festival trying different things and we also did some rides. Hover over or click each image to find out more…

I had to leave early as my feet were ridiculously sore. I was exhausted but I managed to stagger home after an overwhelming but brilliant day. It was amazing seeing Epcot as a Cast Member and it has made me even more excited to work here!

L x

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