A Weekend of Firsts

Welcome back! Apologies for not posting anything for a couple of weeks, it’s been very busy with lots of long training shifts but it’s all done now, hooray! I shall pick up where I left off…

Friday 12th October

After an early start for Traditions the previous day, I had the Friday off and a few of us decided to go to Universal Studios. Alastair had rented a car so we made the most of it!

I’m now an annual passholder! As much as I love Disney, Universal and Islands of Adventure are also brilliant because they have a lot more thrill rides and, of course, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

We started off in Islands of Adventure with The Hulk. It was so hot we then went on Jurassic Park (a water ride) to cool off. We then got the Hogwarts Express over to Universal to see Diagon Alley. I was so excited for this bit because they had only just opened Hogsmeade when I was there last time and I hadn’t seen the new parts yet! We did single rider for the new ride, Escape from Gringotts, because the normal queue was longggggg. It was AMAZING and I can’t wait to do it again! It’s so cleverly done.

After that we got some much-needed food then went on The Mummy twice. I’ve never watched the films because I’m a wuss but I love the ride. Apologies to everyone riding with me, I hope you still have some hearing left from my screaming… The last ride of the day was Rip Ride Rockit where you can choose your own song for the ride. I’d forgotten how lurchy it was! We left at 5pm because Halloween Horror Nights was on. I had an early night as we had another early start for a class the next day.

Saturday 13th October

A 5am start. Not pleasant. Alastair drove us to IHOP for breakfast before our class. I’ve never been before but I loved it. I got the original stack of pancakes and I couldn’t finish it.


We went back to Disney University to learn more about the Four Keys (a Disney thing on how to be successful in our roles). I’m pretty sure the facilitator saw me falling asleep several times, I couldn’t keep my eyes open! After a lunch break we went to a computer room to do an online Food Safety course. All very riveting. We then had to go to Costuming by Magic Kingdom to get our shoes. We aren’t allowed to take any photos backstage but it was so cool seeing all the different costumes there.

I had a very chilled evening; Roma, Laura and Aaron came to our apartment and we ordered some food. I tried jack fruit tacos which had the same texture and taste as pulled pork. Weird but delicious.

Sunday 14th October

Today was another day off. Definitely making the most of it before we start working!

Elin, Roma and I went to Walmart to do our first proper food shop since we got here. When we got home, we did our first set of laundry. We don’t have a washing machine in our apartment so we have to go over the road to the laundry room. I felt like I was in Friends. Once that was done I caught up with mum and dad with video calls then I went to the pool for a couple of hours and had a little snooze. Didn’t I promise you great blogging content?!

In the evening I had my first experience of Applebee’s. A few of us went and I loved it. If anyone cares, I had the salmon with broccoli and mash and it was fabulous.

L x

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