I wanted to share with you an old Facebook post of mine that recently popped up:

Here I am, eight years later, about to live my dream. This weekend also marks the eight week countdown until I arrive in Orlando. Eight also happens to be my favourite number. Now this title makes sense, right?

At the time I was about to start university and I had no idea what the future would hold, let alone that I would apply to work for Disney and be successful! I didn’t even know how to apply at this point. I feel very reflective today and it’s amazing to think how much has changed in those eight years. What will happen in the next eight I wonder…?

Thank you to my lovely auntie for sharing this with me. ❤

L x

2 thoughts on “Eight.

  1. I can remember you saying that, Laura. I can also remember you stating your ambition when we were out there – you have worked so hard to achieve your ambition . Like you have all your young life and that is one thing that makes you so special and your parents and family so proud. Love u lots
    Ps hark at me using a blag!!

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  2. Well, Laura, got the link from your Dad, so pleased I got the site up OK, and am now pushing my luck to see if I can actually use it to communicate with you. So pleased to get your message via your Dad, and very happy you are settling in so well. Apparently you don’t start for another few days, so guess you are making the most of your leisure We have a lovely photo of you holding baby Esme! Look after yourself and looking forward to reading more of your adventures in due course. All our love Nan and Grandadxxxx


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