Where it all began…

I have dreamed of working for the Walt Disney Company since I was 5 years old.

For the last few years, I have seen the application deadline open then close and I always gave myself excuses for not going for it; I’m not good enough, getting too old, started my teaching career, it’s too late, etc.

I got fed up of this pattern and pushing the regret I felt every year to the back of my mind. It became something I thought about every day and became more and more passionate about. I’ve now learned to believe that life is way too short to not chase your dreams and that fear of failure should never stand in your way of going for it. So I did.

I’m going to stop here because the video below explains the rest. Give it a watch and see what happens when you apply some self-belief, faith, trust and pixie dust…

To my 5-year-old-self: I did it.


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