Hi there.

If you’re reading this then you probably know me and my love of all things Disney. You’ll probably also know that in October I am going to live and work in Walt Disney World for a year through the Cultural Representative Programme. Wait… what?

Although it hasn’t quite sunk in yet, I’ve been thinking since I got my acceptance email about how I wanted to document my journey… for a minute I considered becoming a ‘Vlogger’ (then I realised I probably don’t have the skills or the ability to listen to myself without cringing). I then came back to the good old idea of a blog. I’ve made one before, when I lived in France for a year (shout out if you were around for that), which I enjoyed writing. I also love the idea of it being an online diary to keep family/ friends/ anyone else who cares updated and somewhere for me to keep all of my memories in one place.

So here we are. My shiny new blog to document my adventures in the Happiest Place on Earth.

See ya real soon,

Laura x


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